About the Artist

Xan is an artist and performer with a tea obsession currently living in the Northwest. He spends most of his free time creating art of all kinds, exploring, reading, and searching for new stories to share when not immersed in films or a D&D campaign. When not writing about the undead or debating the merits of oozes as a maid service, Xan enjoys hiking in the woods, along rivers and the beach, rock and fossil hunting, gardening, and attending various Renaissance Faires and SCA events as a guest and performer. Xan has been drawing and painting since 2004, beginning watercolor, Zen brush work, and Natural History Illustration in 2015.

As an artist Xan wants to share his appreciation for the ordinary and impermanent moments and things that surround us every day. Using a combination of media including watercolor, gouache, acrylic, graphite, wood, and ink Xan creates abstract and representational works of art that explore the natural world and the cycle of life and death. Many of his works focus on creating a sense of wonder in simplicity or a more compassionate and understanding relationship with the process of death and decomposition through wabi-sabi. Xan hopes to give people a contemplative place to learn and grow in ways that make the world seem larger and more full and beautiful in it’s complexity and diversity.

I currently offer multiple services including:

• Voice acting
• Commercial and audiobook narration
• Illustration
• Zen & abstract paintings

Send an email with the subject “inquiry” to contact @ xanwolfe.com

You can find regular updates on Instagram, and occasionally posts Twitter or streams on Twitch. You can also head over to YouTube to see time-lapses.

If you want to support Xan’s work, become a Patron or buy Xan a Ko-fi. You can also purchase merchandise in the shop or on Redbubble. Original works are offered through Saatchi Art.

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